Dancing is an art of observation

Belgian-Moroccan, born and raised in Brussels, my love affair with street dancing started when I was 12, at a time when the hip-hop culture was only just taking off, and ready to take the world by storm. I watched it grow and grew up with it. My life has always revolved around Hip Hop culture, Street Dance and Afro Americans Art in general. Overtaking the main media, I have discovered music, the graffiti, the rap and different styles of dance that emerged from the street, such as the Locking, Break Dancing, Popping that we categorize today as « Street Dance ».

Obviously my passion was growing consequently to the popularity that I was gaining everyday at school or in my neighborhood but most of all for the well being that it gives me. The competition took place rapidly and creativity became the major factor to keep the head up. Dancing stays for me a way of expression where people can live everyday true emotion. The House dance has captured my imagination these last  years, by meeting and exchanging with other great dancers. As an art form the dance grew up alongside hip-hop, before soaring into global popularity.

After Brussels, London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Macau, Barcelona and many other cities, I had the chance to travel and meet some of the greatest dancers that had expand my vision on the art of moving to the music, to live in different cultures and traditions which allows me to be who I am today. I’ve learned many things through out the art of dance not only the way to move but also on human contact, the energy we generate and share unconsciously. I enjoy my passion in London again now, to carry on my mission of « Dance Therapy” …

Keep learning, being inspired by others and always open to new dance styles, keeps my passion for dancing alive…

One Love