Working on set for films or video clip, on stage for a musical productions, with a dance company or at a performing arts school. Directors rely on choreographers to pull together dance routines that are stylistically appropriate for the production and that best express the story ideas.

I will coordinate dance routines associated with a performance. I will also know what to look for in dancers to audition and cast them in appropriate roles.

Dance concepts such as rhythm, balance, coordination, and musicality are familiar to a me. I love to translate ideas into physical movements, exercise dancers creativity when deciding on music, dance steps, body movements, costumes and cast placements to ensure that performances and the director’s vision for the piece, communicate their own ideas to the production team.


It is a place where is never too late to learn something new. Attending a workshop is a very good experience. It gives you a chance to meet new dancers and work on developing your skills. Class combines technique, movement and philosophies of performance from Urban Culture. We will also work with partnering and improvisation.

If you belong to a dance school  or a dance company, you might get the opportunity to get noticed or discovered  more knowldegable dancer. A great way to have a good time and learn about a whole new culture.


Individual attention • Learning at your own pace • More attention to detailed techniques • Improve your own style

Are you eager to learn and improve your dancing skills in a one-on-one teaching environment. This is the best way to become the dancer you want to be as quickly as possible! Whether you’re a total beginner or a national competitor I individually tailor each lesson to each student – reducing weaknesses and developing strengths. Depending on your goals, I can prepare you for competition or teach you the exact dance or step that you would like to learn. You can either choose the material you want to learn .